Digital Weight Indicator Sales


All digital weight indicators are definitely not equal.

In today’s digital world even the most experienced people in our industry are struggling to keep up with changing technology. Nowhere is this more evident than in the area of Digital Weight Indicators. In the old days weight was acquired through the use of a series of mechanical levers, pointers and dials. The invention of the load cell changed all of that and now with the help of computers the sky is the limit when it comes to weighing devices.

Today’s digital indicators range from a low cost simple weight display to elaborate Mini-Computer/PLCs. Unfortunately, this extreme ramp up of technology also means that today’s Cadillac may be tomorrow’s Edsel.

Acquiring and continually updating the knowledge needed to stay on top of these advances is difficult even for the best scale professionals and would be nearly impossible for the end user. It is our job at AES to acquire as much product and application knowledge as attainable so that we may present the best possible choices and outcomes for our customers.

If you are serious about accurate weights, long life, and suitability for your particular application call AES Scales at 888-237-7225. We will provide free consultation and supply the information you need to make an educated and considered decision. We will ensure that the scale you purchase will deliver the results and the longevity you expect. In addition, we will stand ready to provide installation, testing, certifications and service support at your request.