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Counting Scale, Floor Scale, & Truck Scale Rentals

When your company needs a temporary weighing solution, AES Scales, LLC provides rental scales for any application.

AES Scales' Rental Options:

--Counting Scales: For any of your inventory needs

--Truck Scales: For jobs that don't warrant purchasing a permanent scale or for use while your current scale is being repaired or replaced

--Crane Scales/Other Specialty Scales: For any of your unique weighing applications Counting Scale Rentals

At AES, we have easy-to-use, stand-alone counting scales for counting small parts. They have capacities of 2 lbs. up to 100 lbs. Additionally, we also offer a remote platform that can be used to count bins and pallets of up to 20,000 lbs. You can sample parts on the small scale and, then, count them on the heavy capacity scale with accuracy of up to one-tenth of one percent. Provide us with information as to what you need to count, and we will be sure to fit you with the right scale for the job.

Truck Scale Rentals

When a permanent truck scale is not needed, renting a truck scale is a economical option. If you need a truck scale for a temporary period of time—to buy- and sell-over or to prevent overload fines—contact AES Scales for a free quote. We will equip you with a truck scale for any of your temporary weighing needs. Crane Scale Rentals AES Scales also rents crane scales and other specialty scales for unique weighing needs. If you need a shipping weight on an unusually-sized item, such as a custom machine, an airplane wing, or a giant ladle, call AES.

We will help fit you with the right scale for your purpose.

Contact AES Scales, LLC for any of your scale rental needs. Our knowledgeable staff members will be happy to assist you in selecting the right scale for both your application and your budget. We proudly serve Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.